Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ready... Set... Starts!

Today was a day for planting starts and starting starts. What started off as an innocent trip to the farmers' market turned into picking up 10 herb starts. (Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Savory, two kinds of Bee Balm, Betony, Woodruff, and Myrtle).

Once home, we had a visit from a little friend, Willow. Willow is 8. She will be 9 this December. She dislikes figs but loves cherries. She enjoys watching the chickens but would rather pick at the aphids and ladybugs. She learned how to plant starts by watching Flora. With only 2 starts left to plant, Willow asked if she could put one in. She ended up planting the last two and then asking if she could plant more or if we had any weeds to pull. None of this was in the plan for the day.

Thankfully, we had the materials handy to put together some starts. I pulled out the start trays and dirt. With Willow's help, I planted one flat of seeds. I was so excited about planting again that as soon as Willow left (taking a garlic chive plant with her for her garden), Flora and I ran to Portland Nursery to pick up the last few seeds we needed for the season but didn't have. Flora and I planted 2 more flats of seeds.

Here's what we planted:
Heirloom Varieties
Black Beauty Eggplant (80 days)
Italian Dark Green Parsley
Serrano Chile Pepper (78 days)
Yolo Wonder Sweet Pepper (75 days)
Straight Eight Cucumbers (63 days)
Di Cicco Broccoli (48 days)
High Carotene Tomato (76 days)
Brandywine Tomato (85 days)
Basil Blend (lemon, anise, cinnamon, red rubin, dark opal, thai, genovese)
Cleome Spider Flower
Non-Heirloom Varieties
Purple Sprouting Broccoli (220 days- will be overwintered)
Rubine Brussels Sprouts (85 days)
Superschmeltz Kohlrabi (60 days)
Sugar Baby Watermelon (80 days)
Improved Dwarf Siberian Kale


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