Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Colors

The sun finally came out and wow! There are so many things that are blooming and full of color!

The fava beans are in full bloom:

Chives have been blooming for a couple weeks now:

The crimson clover is in bloom:
And the ladybugs are out too!

The strawberries we planted not too long ago are blooming:

The chickens are loving it all, they've been digging for bugs and doing quite a job of turning over the soil surface. Of course, we've had to work almost as hard making sure they aren't digging up our plants.

The lettuce and greens are finally starting to grow now that they have some sun:

I'm anxious to see how things shape up here as everything takes off in the warm weather. Our cucumber starts are ready to go out as soon as its warm enough and the tomatoes should start picking up a bit now too. We'll have plenty to do soon enough! In the mean time, we've picked up two more barrels to add to our rain catchment system so that we can collect plenty of water with the last few rains of the spring. We'll be in good shape to head into summer!


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  1. Your garden sounds incredible. It is one of my biggest goals to also have an efficient home with an awesome garden out back, so your blog is INVALUABLE to me. Keep rockin'!