Wednesday, October 7, 2009

For Whom These Fruits Grow

Question: What happens when you take 2 crazy dykes and throw them together with wild dreams for a future rural [self]sustainable [communal] farm?

Answer: You get an urban farm prototype!

Hi, we're Flora and Fauna. What started out as a series of dreams for getting out of the maddening rat-race of corporate, consumerist, constricting America has turned into where we are now. A 1911 Craftsman complete with a 1/2 basement and a decent back yard just waiting to be turned into something productive! We moved in March 7, 2009 and have been busy creating ever since.
Alas, its only a 1/10 of an acre lot, but enough to do oh so much in. Here's what we've changed to date (with individual posts on each for detail to follow):
-Remove 1/2 of the lawn and all of the mulch to put in a garden.
-Install rainbarrels.
-Build compostbin.
-Build chicken coop.
-Build terracing into front landscaping.
-Plant flowers, trees, bushes.
-Build worm bin.
-Cultivate mushrooms.
-Brew beer.
-Canning, preserving.
We were lucky enough to have found a house that had been completely remodeled from the basement up the summer before- and the landlord was smart enough to have it all done to be energy efficient. (The downside to this was that the construction had completely destroyed the soil- it was filled with poor dirt, complete with glass, pens, utensils, paint cans, styrofoam, etc.)

While we haven't given up on our dreams for a future self-sustainable farm, for now we're happy to sit here in our small corner of Portland and learn how we are going to do all this.

Till next time,

Flora and Fauna

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