Friday, April 23, 2010

Radical Homemakers Part 1.

There was an article in the newpaper on Tuesday called "Radical Homemakers". It was promoting a book, but the article featured a number of Portland area women who were taking steps to simplify their lives. We decided we wanted to do something like that for ourselves too.

Fauna, 26

"Growing up on a farm I couldn't wait to leave it. Today, I find myself closer and closer to living on a farm again but this time I value the experience, the produce, the struggles. This time its on my own terms and I love it!"

Then: Living in apartments from year to year. "I never had space to plant anything and always felt too transient to feel good about planning any sort of a garden.

Now: Living on a self-proclaimed urban farm complete with organic garden, chicken coop, rain barrels, and compost station.

The turning point: A little over a year ago she decided that simply trying to live a green life wasn't enough. She decided it was time to settle down in a permanent place and work on creating a more sustainable lifestyle including a local food economy.

Life on two wheels: She sold her car upon moving to Portland 2 years ago and hasn't looked back. While there have been some rough times relying on bicycles only, she enjoys the slower pace of life it creates. Today, she bikes everywhere, from market to work to Sauvie Island for berries, and even 60 miles toward the coast to visit a friend for the weekend.

Radical Homemaker Cred: She cans, pickles, and makes jellies out of as much produce as she can to minimize food costs through the slower seasons. She is also working on building cold frames so that she won't have to rely on outside sources for year round greens. She cooks in a Basque style that focuses on bringing out the foods natural flavors without using many sauces or marinades (most of which contain high fructose corn syrup if unknowingly bought at the supermarket).

Latest Project: A permaculture lunch to teach people how they can turn their backyards into a permaculture paradise too.


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