Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teh Chickens!

(4 days old at right)------------------->

There has been much ado made on this blog by our dear sweet chickens. Between the trials and travails of keeping them in a cardboard box warm, happy and fed; to sleepless nights worrying about designing the perfect coop. So without further ado, let us introduce the girls.
On the top left we have Olivia our Speckeld Sussex, on the bottom is Eva ,a Black Australorp, and on the top right there is Regina, a Golden-Laced Wyandotte (they are 2-3 weeks old in this picture).

(1 month old at right)--------------->
I write this sitting outside on our back table watching the chickens decide if food is really worth the cold, so let me say that they are quite a bit bigger now. Two months old in fact with all their real feathers, in fact now they are no longer chicks but pullets (yes chickens have angsty hormonal teenage years too). When we first got them (two from the Urban Farm Store, one from Naomi's) we kept them inside a scavenged carboard box making sure they were plenty warm. Although I see my breath this morning they are big enough to be in their coop without much worry about their comfort. All three breeds were selected for cold-hardiness, good nature, egg-laying, and of course beauty. Their adult colors are showing up, but I would reccomend checking back in a few months to see how beautiful they really are.

These chickens are my pride and joy, and so far some of the best pets I have ever had. As Ms. Fauna and I are concerned with urban self-sufficiency raising chickens was an obvious first step in ensuring a healthy supply of protein. Note however, that just because this is a cool fad right now in PDX, don't get chickens unless you can commit to them for at least 10 years. I would be quite saddened if our fair city becomes overrun in wild chickens just because people realize they are a chore.

But for now *bok bok bok*!
~ Flora

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  1. AMEN! On the trend note.Other cities are starting to see chickens dumped for the same reason you stated.
    Congratulations on your flock.